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Facilitator 0.33 released

posted 20 Jul 2010, 02:36 by Good old Zockinger   [ updated 20 Jul 2020, 03:23 ]

A new version (V0.33) of TFFT has been released with the following functions/fixes:  
  • NOALERT Error Messages can optionally be suppressed on Main Console with SKIPMx statements
  • Typing in a command now prevents session memory save
  • Closing a Window now only closes the current Server (Multiserver mode), Closing the Main Console still closes the whole application
  • Bugfix: TFFT was unusable on machines with uptime > 3 weeks
  • Bugfix: TFFT could crash when alt-selecting a output
  • Bugfix: When a Help command goes into background, the first output line was cut
  • Bugfix: PwdBox UseridGadget is now Uppercase, should fix ZB000201
  • Bugfix: In single server mode alert numbers didn't show up in the left sidebar
  • This version has been tested with TSM V6.1/6.2: Works fine but buttons/queries still need work