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Facilitator 0.99 released

posted 8 Dec 2010, 07:34 by Good old Zockinger
A new version (V0.99) of TFFT has been released with the following functions/fixes:  
  • No scrolldelay for Commands that start a process
  • Commands that need reformatting (e.g. select statements that exceed the current windows' width) are remembered so in future no reformatting is needed
  • Edit Files are saved to %TEMP or to directory specified as WORKDIR in ZOCFFT.ini
  • Bugfix: In rare cases TFFT would crash under Windows7 (and Vista)
  • Bugfix: Edit File didn't work under Windows7 (and Vista)
  • Bugfix: After reconnecting to a TSM Server the alert sidebar info was not displayed in the correct line
  • This version has been tested with TSM V6.1/6.2: Works fine but buttons/queries still need work