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Facilitator V0.99c released

posted 27 Jun 2011, 14:40 by Good old Zockinger   [ updated 20 Jul 2020, 03:22 ]
A new version (V0.99c) of TFFT has been released.  
This version contains a number of bugfixes that needed to go out before the Version 1.00 release:

  • ZB0004 Bugfix: When first command issued produced a Proceed? (Y/N) the command could hang
  • ZB0005 Bufgix: Timer bug with Autoreply
  • ZB0022 CMD remains in BG forever
  • ZB0025 Editgadet gets focus all the time
  • ZB0005 More Timer issues
  • ZB0030 Avoid partial lines after window resize
  • ZB0001 Command line should activate after (Y/N) question
  • ZB0031 Experimental: New Quickswitch Mode can be selected in the startup dialog. In quickswitch mode TFFT displays only a system tray icon. Useful if you have a number of TSM Servers but you don't need to to have them all connected at the same time and don't need the Main Console. Click on the icon and a TSM Server Selection Window is displayed. Here you can select one of your TSM Servers. (Right click on the icon and you get the usual TFFT Popup Menu)