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Facilitator V1.13 beta05 released.

posted 20 Jul 2016, 08:25 by Good old Zockinger
V1.13.b05 contains a large number of changes and some of its core functions have
  been completely rewritten. Therefore its released as a Beta version at first
  so you can help me squash some of the new bugs that might have creeped in.

*   TFFT now allows you to change your password when expired
*   Better support for TSM7.1.4 and up
*   New Filters for TSM V7
*   Windows can now be maximized.
*   Improved Gui responsiveness
*   Lower CPU utilization in favour of higher memory utilization
*   The wait for a long running command can be iterrupted by pressing the Escape key
*   EDITOR and WORKDIR Parms from netconfig zocfft.ini can be overridden by user
*   2 new ways to run command output:
*     TFFT RUN    : runs output of previous command as a Macro in background
*     TFFT SUBMIT : runs output of previous command as a TSM Script
*   New TFFT FIND and TFFT HIDE Command to include/exclude output lines
*   Support for the horrible 32k character fields introduced in TSM V71x
*   Lots of Bugfixes, rewritten parts of core functions