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TFFT V1.17 released

posted 29 Apr 2020, 03:29 by Good old Zockinger   [ updated 20 Jul 2020, 03:19 ]
*  Full ISP 8.1.9 Support
*  Important Bugfix: Background Jobs never returned in V1.16
*  Lots of little bug fixes and improvements
*  Old dsmadmc is included again for non SSL connections and portable installations
*  Fall back to "Consolas" Font on systems where Custom Font Loading is prohibited in Group Policy
*  Much longer Scroll Delay for ISP Help Commands
*  Calculate KB/MB/GB/PB values for more Messages (ANR0951I and ANR3692W)
*  Added SAVEMEMSS parm in ZOCFFT.ini
*  4 additional Main Filters
*  1 additional User filter
*  Add "EVENTS" Button in Prefs Tab - This issues all ENABLE EVENTS commands needed for optimal operation of TFFT: